Welcome to On-line Lessons

We are super proud to offer you on-line lessons. First download the zoom room app onto your phone, computer or tablet. No need for an account!
After you are registered as a student we will assign you a time and teacher.   At the scheduled time (not a few minutes before) click on your teacher's link and it will take you to your private lesson and have fun! The phone # is available if you have a bad computer audio connection (normally not needed) It's that simple!
Chandler's Zoom Room  725-539-8810

Derian's Zoom Room   510-963-7098

Garrett's Zoom Room  531-098-2309

Jason's Zoom Room   827-491-4339

Justin's Zoom Room  510-963-7098

​​​​​​​Will's Zoom Room       403-511-4044

Paige's Zoom Room     942-178-2532

Thomas's Zoom Room    942-178-2532

Patricia's Zoom Room    942-178-2532

Lexy's Zoom Room         533-680-7102

Mickie's Zoom Room     244-812-6082

Nic's Zoom Room        337-777-2406